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Why D'Youville

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D’Youville offers many direct entry dual and sequential degree programs. This allows students to start from day one in their majors and graduate faster with two degrees.

All applicants are considered for scholarships as part of the admissions process. Some of the scholarships provide up to 50% of undergraduate tuition.

D’Youville’s graduates are some of the region’s best earners straight out of college. D’Youville is focused on preparing the student for their field of expertise and providing the support they need to excel upon graduation.


I feel really good about my decision about coming to D'Youville. I had a lot of choices and in the end D'Youville was the right fit for me. I was able to complete my undergrad program in three years and then transfer right into the graduate program. So I saved an entire year of my life, a year of tuition.

You don't have to reapply for your bachelor's or your master's. There are easy access into doctoral programs, but after you get your five years done, you're going to get a master's and a bachelor's and you're going to graduate in the career field that you want with the two degrees that you wanted.

The area is affordable. The city is up-and-coming and it's great. We all love to be a part of that. There are a number of options for scholarships, both through federal financial aid in the state, but also through scholarships through the college, as well as a number of opportunities for veterans as well.

D'Youville is one of the most affordable private colleges in New York, which is a great thing, especially considering the value of the education you get here with both the faculty, and the atmosphere, and the student life. I think it's invaluable.

Graduates of the program get some of the top salaries in Western New York and in Buffalo, as well as other areas. It makes me feel really good about graduating, and it makes me feel like I'm going to excel, and that I'm going to have a job waiting for me when I come out of school here.

And I'm going to know what I'm doing, I'm going to be confident in what I'm doing, and it's all because of the program and the professors that I've had and the experience that I had.