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Why D'Youville

Student Life

Hands on Experience



With a teacher to student ratio of 12 to 1, there is an emphasis on personal attention and one-on-one interaction.

Freshman at D’Youville are placed in the Mentor Program where they will be given a job on campus in their first semester. Mentors are there to answer any questions first-time college students may have.

D’Youville encourages students to be active outside the classroom and be engaged in campus life. There are all kinds of events planned through different offices, by professors, or even students.


The atmosphere at D'Youville is very friendly. Everyone is always asking you how you are. Everyone in class is willing to help if you are confused about something.

D'Youville gives you a great opportunity to interact with your professors. And they're not only just here to teach you, they're here to help you throughout life. And if you have any personal issues outside of class, they're very understanding.

Definitely as an international student, that was really eye-opening for me. A lot of professors have singled me out and asked me if I was doing all right and if I was homesick.

D'Youville offers a mentor program so incoming freshmen are able to kind of team up with a sophomore or even a junior and they're able to show them around campus, finding classes, finding a good schedule.

The class sizes are very small so it encourages conversation. It's not so intimidating to speak out and say what you think about a certain topic.

Student appreciation days are awesome. It's a chance to unwind and really come together as a community. The officers on campus and professors offer food, prizes, raffles.

I remember once I had mentioned that I hadn't been home in a long time and that it was-- I was having a difficult semester. I got like three emails after that just from students who had like heard me speak and they were all like, hey, like we should hang out, we should go for lunch, we--

You know if you're not doing all right or if you ever want to talk-- It was so heartwarming. A lot of people are just-- they genuinely care.