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Interprofessional Education Center

The Interprofessional Education Center houses our Interprofessional Simulation Lab. The focus of this lab is to prepare our Health Care majors for preparation before they head out into the field and take on clinical internships.

The Interprofessional Education Center hires trained actors to simulate scenarios that a healthcare student might encounter in the field. The lab brings together all of our healthcare majors and allows them to work together on solutions in a simulated situation. This interaction allows each major an opportunity to see the roles of other healthcare professional.


The Interprofessional Education Center is a lab that each major has to complete-- one before they go on to clinicals and one after they go on clinicals.

We'll have real life actors come in and they'll play scenarios that nurses, chiros, PTs, OTs, pharmacy students, dietetics they'll work together in order to get the patient better and out of the hospital.

Interprofessional education as a whole is really the way medical training and health professions training is going. Study after study shows the more you train your students in that regard the better patient outcomes will be. So D'Youville's been at the forefront of that initiative in developing curricula and students scenarios that really define what interprofessional education is.

Going in the IPEC, I didn't really realize the amount of education that pharmacists have, especially with drugs and how much of an impact they have in the inpatient world. I thought they kind of were just at CVS and that was pretty much it.

So during IPEC, I definitely gained a better understanding of the health care majors and their roles that they play throughout the patient care and then the health care world, and what they can and can't do and how we all can work together.