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Why D'Youville

Student Life

Hands on Experience


Campus Outreach

D’Youville College is a service oriented school, both inside classroom and through campus clubs and organizations.

Volunteerism and a “hands-on” experience is a huge part of what makes D’Youville special.

There are many volunteer and service opportunities available to students through different programs and campus offices, some even give you the chance to travel.


D'Youville's just such a service driven school and whether it'd be in class opportunities that we have or through club organizations--

Students around you will motivate you enough that you will want to go volunteer, and you will want to go give back to the community. And honestly, you'll feel so much better after the fact.

A few highlights in my service career at D'Youville would include the two week long service projects that I went on to New Orleans where we helped build houses, clean up along the lake, and went into the Bayou Sauvage--

You know we're constantly doing community service with Reverend Jan. One of the huge events, me being a veteran, we put on Laps for Limbs every year. It's actually happening here in a week and a half. It's the whole four-day event where all the proceeds go to children and veteran amputees.

One more would be the freshmen focus group that goes out into the neighborhood and cleans up the community garden. That's a great one because it brings lots of students together, different background. So just do some volunteer work.

I definitely think graduates take on their service work. It's very motivating when you're around others that want to help people. I think as mainly a health services campus, I think nationally people want to help others because that's kind of what the whole health service is about. So you're around people that want to help others, it just makes you want to go above and beyond and help others as well.