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Why D'Youville

Student Life

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Residence Life

  • Two different on-campus housing options for students;
    • Marguerite Hall: A traditional dorm setup, housing freshman, and sophomores – geared towards acquainting first-time college goers with campus living.
    • The Apartments; for students that are junior status in their program OR aged 21 or older. The apartments are more of an independent setting for students and a bit more spacious.
  • Campus Dining options:
    • The George O. Kuhrt Dinning Hall -  A full-service buffet style dining hall for our resident
    • Spartan Café
    • SASE Café
    • D’Youville Academic Center Café


There are two on-campus living options for students. The first is Marguerite Hall. It's one dorm for freshmen and sophomores, so it gives you a better opportunity to get to know people. My roommate became my first best friend here, and we eventually became friends with girls who lived down the hall from us, and it just grew from there.

There is the apartment switches for people who are junior status and above, or 21 or older, whichever one comes first.

I love living in the apartments. There is a lot of space. There are two massive bathrooms, a huge living room, a nice kitchen. It was a lot of fun, actually You get to know your neighbors really well.

We do have a few different dining options on campus. One of them would be the Kuhrt Dining Hall. It's a full-service buffet. There is also the Sub Shop and salad bar which is located in the lower level of the Alt building. There is a cafe in SASE which serves paninis and pizzas. And also there is a cafe in the second floor of DAC which serves subs and sandwiches.

There's a lot of healthy options. This is a big health school so there is an emphasis on providing healthy options.

Being from the Buffalo area originally, I was going to commute, but deciding to live on-campus has been one of the best decisions I've made since I've been here.