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Career Discovery Program

The Career Discovery Program (CDP) allows students who are undecided on their college major or need extra support in gaining entry into a major to explore a variety of academic programs and career options all while working towards meeting core curriculum requirements.

Benefits of the Career Discovery Program include:

● Time to decide and prepare for your academic program.

● Gain confidence in your academic and career decisions.

● Personal one-on-one advisement.

● Credit in courses designed to help you recognize your academic strengths.

If you’re not sure what career you want to pursue, don’t worry, the Career Discovery Program is here to support you as you explore your options.


My advice to a student that is unsure of what career they want to choose is to not worry. There is the CDP program that will help them figure out the best career path for them.

With CDP, it exposed me to, like, a variety of other classes, like different majors, different possibilities in terms of career paths.

As a transfer student, it was very helpful coming into a new school and helping me decide exactly what I wanted to do with my time, as well as money here at D'Youville.

I thought I wanted to do business, but I took a psychology class, and I thought, wow, I really like psychology. So you know for sure, like, this is what I want to do, this is what I'm passionate about, this is what I want to go into.

There are two classes within the CDP program that students have to take in order to get the exposure of the careers on campus that will help them make that decision. The other classes that students do take, like the history, math, English classes, all count towards the core curriculum on campus. So you're not wasting really any time, they're all going to count towards that elected career that the student chooses.