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Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate research is a great hands-on experience that can help deepen your education within your program and enhance your resume and opportunities for graduate school.

D’Youville professors make it easy to be involved in research. The departments keep students up-to-date with the research professors are working on, and ways to reach out to professors if you are interested in participating.

By participating in research with faculty, students are exposed to new possibilities. Faculty members you do research with can serve as excellent references, refer you to graduate programs, and open you up to new opportunities in your field.

It's really important for students to get involved with undergraduate research, because it helps build your resume and your CV for applying to graduate programs.

Research is a great hands-on experience, depending on what you want to do as you move on into your graduate field, or in your professional lives what you want to do. It's another way to further your education.

Here at D'Youville, we've had a bunch of students continue on to post-graduate work-- some in the professional schools and others to do master's studies.

A way that D'Youville college students can get involved early on with research is definitely reaching out to professors. I do know that the biology and mathematics department, they do send out updates about what professors are doing, what kind of research. And if you want to do research, you can reach out to them. They have an open door policy, so any time you want to pop in just to see what they're doing, that's a great way to start.

They can help you with letters of recommendation. They can hook you up with people they know from other institutions who are looking for graduate students, expose you to things that you may not have thought were a possibility to you through people they know and other people they've worked with.