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Favorite Professors

At D’Youville, our students have excellent relationships with their professors. When we ask students what they love about the faculty at D’Youville, they tell us that their favorite professors are:

● Excited about their disciplines, and pass that enthusiasm on to their students.

● Down-to-earth and approachable.

● Genuinely interested in your success.

● Available during office hours and after class, always willing to help.

The ability to get to know your professors, and for them to know you, is a big reason why students choose D’Youville.

In Dr. Voorhees' classes she was very excited about the material, so she was starting up an animal handling class. So first it started with just a lab. So I took the lab because I was interested. And we did a lot of cool field trips, and I became less scared of the animals. And then I was able to carry them.

I met Professor Gloekler last fall in Nursing 210, which is our health assessment class. I loved how straightforward she was. All of the material was right there. You could tell that she spent a lot of time on her PowerPoints to make sure that we understood the information.

And in lab me and my classmates were all extremely nervous, because we were learning the fundamentals of nursing. But she made us feel extremely calm about it. She took the time to explain the material. If we had questions she was always right there.

I'm definitely using the skills that I learned with Professor Gloekler now that I'm in rotations. Sometimes, honestly, I think back to things that she would say. Like when I'm feeling for the pulses on the legs I remember how she said, just close your eyes and then you'll feel it. So it's things like that that I definitely refer back to, to help me.

I think the faculty here is always extremely helpful. I think because it's so small you do really get to know them. And they do genuinely want you to succeed, which is why professors like Professor Gloekler have their office hours. They're always like, if you need to talk come see me. Schedule an appointment.

One of my friends just could not believe that I had met my professor, and I meet with them regularly. She's like, you met with your professor? And I was like, yeah, I do. Every week I probably meet with my professor at least once.