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Getting involved at D’Youville is easy. With over 35 different clubs and organizations, students have plenty of opportunities to be involved in the college community outside the classroom. Meet more people in your program, volunteer with the community, and attend events on and off campus when you get involved.

D’Youville makes it easy to get involved with Free Activity Time (FAT). Free Activity Time are times when there are no classes scheduled, so students can meet with their clubs or attend activities on campus.

Clubs and organizations are are great way to grow as a leader and enhance your management, organization, and communication skills.


One of my favorite ways to get involved outside of my academics is through joining different clubs and student organizations, serving as a senator on our Student Government Association, working as lead orientation assistant for a summer orientation program and serving as vice president for our D'Youville Pride Alliance.

I was co-chair of the programming committee for two years. I also served as president of the Student Physical Therapy Association on campus. So I was highly involved.

One of the great things about D'Youville is every Wednesday we have this thing called free activity period, where from 1:00 to 2:15 there are no classes. So that's the opportunity for you to meet with your clubs, to have meetings, to do different events. There's usually always some kind of give away, food, prizes, desserts, bake sales. There's always something going on at that time.

I know a lot of clubs and organizations on campus, they donate to food drives and clothing drives and also fundraisers, so donating money to organizations around the Buffalo area.

So through my involvement in student clubs and organizations I've grown so much as a leader. I am better with communication and public speaking, you know, addressing authority and my fellow students as well.