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Why D'Youville

Student Life

Hands on Experience


Parents' Perspective

Choosing a college can be a big decision for the entire family. Parents that we've talked to find D’Youville a good choice for their child because of the:

● Focus on the transition between high school and college.

● Direct-entry programs that allow students to continue on to graduate work without competing or re-applying for their spot in their academic program.

● Small, supportive college environment.

● 24-hour campus security.

Parents often say they notice a difference in the independence and maturity of their child after they came to D’Youville and enjoy watching them grow into professionals.


I'm glad that we chose this college. And the reason why I'm glad that we chose this college is because they focus on that freshman year, that transition time. They focus on transitioning from high school into college and making sure that you're successful.

We did know that they did have around-the-clock security.

And one of the big key things is that the direct entry was, as long as she could maintain the grades when she came in as a freshman, she had a seat guaranteed for her in the doctorate program. So it was, you know, if she made the grades, she succeeds.

So if you have something that you want to do, and it's a direct entry like that, you need to look at colleges like D'Youville.

They've done everything to my satisfaction as far as helping us out and helping Lexi out.

The biggest change I think that we've seen and heard is her growth. She's a young adult now. She's more mature.

She's just going to start crying. [LAUGHTER]

I'm not going to cry.

She's more independent. She can stand on her own two feet.

We knew our daughter wasn't going to do good in a big university-type setting, that finding a smaller college would work better for her. And D'Youville fit that bill. She's immersed herself in the place and loves it.