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Why D'Youville

Student Life

Hands on Experience


Large School Programs, Small Personal Environment

D’Youville is a small school with approximately 3000 students.

We offer some of the same programs that larger state schools have, but in a smaller setting. Having smaller classroom sizes means students will have a more personalized experience and get to know their classmates and professors as individuals.

D’Youville doesn’t have teachers assistants, all of our classes are taught by professors, many still working or studying in their field. This difference in hands-on, personal experience empowers our students with a solid footing when stepping out into their clinical or internships, and one day the workforce.


Normally, you would only find these programs in the large state schools, but we have them here at D'Youville in a small intimate setting. You're staying with the students did you start with your whole entire time. So you're making these friends, and you're not fighting against each other to keep that spot, because we have that automatic enrollment into the grad program, so you don't have to reapply.

In a small school environment you have a lot of benefits, especially the professors who know your name.

There's so many different people that you see and you know them personally. A big school, you're not going to get that intimate relationship that you have with your professors and other students, and I personally needed that. And it helped me excel in my career field.

I think an advantage of having professors actually being the one teach you, not teacher's assistants, is that it's all much more personalized, much more passionate, and it gives you the best information possible.

D'Youville majors are ranked among the top upstate New York private schools in terms of salaries coming out of college.

As soon as you walk through the door, they're like, oh you're a D'Youville student? Like you're going to do fabulous here already, or I was leaving, and they're like oh you did way better than any of my level twos have, and I was on my level one. So right off the bat they already know that every D'Youville student is going to come in being better prepared than most schools are, having a better understanding of everything, and truly just having a higher degree of professionalism than most do.