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Liberal Arts

The Liberal Arts at D’Youville prepares students for their professional life with a well-rounded education and creates a well –rounded individual. Critical thinking, strong writing skills, and developing an appreciation for the arts are all part of being a D’Youville graduate. Not only do the Liberal Arts hold an important place in education, but provide skills employers look for.

Service Learning is a large part of developing some of the skills that are needed outside the classroom. Through coursework and internships, D’Youville fosters social interaction, communication skills, and development of the student; helping them prepare for a successful future.


A lot of employers desire students who have strong training in the liberal arts. We really stimulate a lot of critical thinking, strong communication skills, strong writing skills as well. So there's a lot that liberal arts encompasses that our students can bring to future employers and to job sites that are much needed.

I think a liberal arts education creates a well-rounded individual for a number of reasons, such as experiencing literature, both past and present, relevant philosophical concepts. I'm learning new language, religious studies. Things like that are things that are not necessarily always relevant to major, but they're relevant to the real world and life.

Service learning is very important to us in the liberal arts. So, by way of internships, as well as directly implemented into some of the coursework that we use, our students are participating in multiple service learning experiences throughout their years with us.

Being on the verge of graduation, I do feel that my decision to come to D'Youville was a great decision and that I know I'm a better person for it. I do feel prepared to enter the workforce, but in my case particular, I do feel that I'm ready to continue my higher education and graduate studies. I think D'Youville College really does prepare you for a successful future.