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Health Care Programs

Health care is a growing field and requires a hands-on approach. There is a vast amount of clinical experience we provide to our students. Our graduates are ready to enter the workforce and are generally more prepared than students from other institutions.

D’Youville has professors that are still working in their fields, enabling them to bring their professional experiences into the classroom.

Our Interprofessional Simulation Lab prepares our Health Care majors for their fieldwork and clinical placements.

The lab combines all of our healthcare majors and allows them to work together on solutions in a simulated scenario.


Because of the depth and breadth of the offerings here, it's important to know that our faculty have equal depth and breadth of life experience, research experience and scholarship. It's really important to understand evidence based medicine, so that when you read a journal article or you see something come across the news, you know, is that something valuable, should I take that to my patient care, was that a well-designed study? Those are critical questions that we train our students to understand so that it translates to patient care and patient outcomes.

For all of our programs on campus, it's definitely stressed to us that we have to be patient centered. And that's why they bring in so many things from their own personal experiences being out on the field in order to remind know this is what happens, this is how you're going to have to think about it.

The great thing about the Interprofessional Education Center is that it brings multiple majors together, and we get to collaborate and work on real life scenarios, so out in the real world we can have respect for each major, and are able to have a greater understanding of the role and the collaboration.

D'Youville definitely does a great job at giving every single program those clinical experiences, people are starting off physician's assistants, they're getting great clinicals in a variety of areas. Same with nursing students in OTS and PTs, they want us to have as much clinical experience as possible so that we can be the best that we can possibly be. [MUSIC PLAYING]