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Why D'Youville

Student Life

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Campus Life and Events

At D’Youville we encourage students to get involved. With over 40 clubs to join there is always something going on.

Between the Student Government Association, campus clubs and organizations, service learning, and volunteer opportunities, our students host events on campus and get involved in the local and global community.

D’Youville is located in the heart of Buffalo, NY. Buffalo is a lively place that is booming, and our students are in the heart of it with easy access to internship and clinical sites.


D'Youville has so many clubs that students have the opportunity to get involved in. A lot of them are major focused or just general interest focused like chess club. There are a lot of club-sponsored off-campus activities like we do ice skating events, we did an event at SkyZone where we had dodgeball while we were jumping on the trampoline, which was pretty awesome.

We have a student association, which is like student government. And with that we have a bunch of committees that run events like we do mega bingo, and we do blanket making and donate them, and do athletics events.

There's always community service that's available, which is through Canvas Ministry. There's also service trips that you can apply to go on. There's a Lending-A-Hand service trip where you go to New Orleans for a week, and which I've gone that and it's a lot of fun.

I think Buffalonians are really enthusiastic about everything, love food, love beer, love art and culture and sports. So that's kind of nice because there's always something to do, and there's always someone who's really excited to do it.

I've really enjoyed the food part, not just eating it but seeing how creative people are. There's so many creative chefs here in Buffalo.

Being a student that lives in the residence hall, I'm able to be around all the time and attend all the events and do things like that. So it's just really nice. It's a nice place to call home.